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Practical Information


Timekeeping: Please be punctual at drop off and pick up times.  If you are late collecting your child, staff are unable to get on with the daily and extremely important, assessment and planning meetings.  In the event of an absolute emergency, please call the office on 13613972 or 39380018 to inform us you will be late.

Designated Adults:  We can allow only adults authorised by parents to collect children.

Clothes and shoes with easy to open fastenings will help your child to become independent quickly. Much of our work is very messy and even though the children wear aprons, clothes inevitably become spattered. For this reason, please send your child in old clothes so that they can take advantage of the whole curriculum.

You should also provide:

  • a hat with your child’s name clearly labelled
  • a bag with a change of clothes
  • nappies, wipes and nappy sacks if appropriate (children entering the Superstars (Nursery) Class should be completely toilet trained)
  • sun cream

At Early Learners we believe that mealtimes should be a happy, social time where skills can be developed and healthy eating habits established. Please send a nourishing, child sized snack. Two, three and four year olds do not eat large amounts and prefer small quantities of several different foods, for example two bite size sandwiches, several slices of cucumber, and a piece of fruit. Please save chocolate and sweets for home ! Drinks should be in cartons or flasks. Please do not send fizzy canned or bottled drinks of any kind.

Early Learners Nursery has a strict NO NUTS POLICY!

Please do not send your child to nursery if s/he is sick.  Children need to be well to make the most of being with us and we also do not want other children to pick up the same infection. 

Please inform us if your child is ill and cannot attend nursery.  Should your child become ill whilst at nursery we will contact you immediately and they can be taken home.

We want to celebrate every child's birthday here at nursery. Please send some kind of cake – cupcakes will do – and we will devote thirty minutes of the day to your child’s ‘party’.  Please talk to your class teacher if you need more information.